Santa Home Visits
Nothing can make the Christmas season more exciting for your children than a visit from Santa at home. Click here for more details


Imagine it’s Christmas Eve in the wee hours . . . you wake your sleeping children because you think you hear Santa delivering the gifts. Quietly the entire family tip-toes around the corner and catch Santa Claus in the act! Click here for more details

Preschool/Daycares and Schools

Santa Earl will arrive with sleigh bells ringing, ready to listen to the children's Christmas wishes. He performs magical effects, story time and singing for the kids. Watch as kids laugh and take part while Santa Earl reads funny Christmas stories to the kids. Click here for more details

Santa Commercial Events

There is nothing more uplifting during the Holiday season than to have the man himself, the Legend – Santa Claus, show up at your event. Just his appearance alone brings warm smiles, excitement and fond memories. It’s a way of saying “Thank You” and “Things are going to be all right”. Earl Long is an entertainer and knows how to interact with crowds at large events. Click here for more details

A Special Present Delivery

You bought the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, and it’s going to be a special Christmas this year. What could make it even better? Have Santa deliver your gift! Click here for more details

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