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Santa's Special Present Delivery

You bought the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, and it’s going to be a special Christmas this year. What could make it even better? Have Santa deliver your gift!

Just imagine the look on her face when Santa Claus shows up and hands her the perfect gift. You’ll be a hero. All her friends will be jealous when she tells the story, and she explains that you are personal friends with Santa.

There is no doubt that you will be on her Nice List this season. We encourage you to take photos and video the entire visit. There is a limited availability for Santa’s Present Deliveries, so schedule your visit today.

Santa’s Present Delivery Visit Fee:

  • $150 for delivery within a 30-mile radius of Virginia Beach, VA
  • $0.60 for each additional mile
  • This is for a 10-minute drop-off and a picture
Santa Earl special Christmas package delivery